Lazy as us?

  • Get fit in 2-4 minutes a day
  • It’s free!
  • It’s funny!

Doing a little fitness with „We Move You“ is fun and of course it’s effective! If you invest just 2-4 min of your time each day you will have spend more than one complete day at the end of the year doing some kind of exercises!

Our friendly sloth is welcoming you in our app

„We Move You“ is completely different. You don’t have to be Hercules do use this app. Sport should be fun and not a serious suit wearer!

  • Start with short trainings with 2-4 minutes
  • Follow our funny exercise path
  • Our „cute“ sloth will be you coach

With us it’s easy to make exercising to an habit – we use gamification features and exiting challenges like leagues. There is helpf from our hairy friend the sloth, he will always remind you to your exercises.

We have the same problems. There is a nice movie and sometimes even cleaning the kitchen is more fun than doing some exercises. With our app we and you can fight against the most common excuses!

No time

We use very short workouts that you can do in 2 minutes!

Too far away

You don’t have to drive to your gym or sportsclub. Start everywhere. Maybe not in dirty environments, but even there you can do some squats.

Too much work

Use short breaks between calls or meetings for our short trainings.

No money

This is simple. It’s free 🙂 (We have a plus subscription to support us and remove the ads.)

Let’s go. It’s fun and free.